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At an average vehicle transaction price of $36,000 in 2018, the last thing a new car owner wants to experience while driving their new vehicle home from the dealer is the sound of wind, tire noise, engine and exhaust noise, buzzes, squeaks, or rattles coming from different sources into their vehicle and to their ears. These unpleasant sounds are referred to as Noise and Vibration Harshness (or NVH) and it’s where Auria excels.

According to a recent study by Roland Berger, NVH in the vehicle interior is among the leading technology areas expected to gain increasing importance over the next decade with auto makers and end consumers. At Auria, we innovate, design, engineer and manufacture the acoustical products and solutions that reduce unwanted NVH from the vehicle interior. With more electric vehicles on the horizon, there will be even greater need for new solutions to quiet noisy sources previously masked by the combustion engine. If all this noise sounds good to you, then you might be interested in a career at Auria.

We are looking for individuals whose area of study or experience includes:

Material and Chemical Engineers: to help us develop the best, lightest weight material solutions for stopping noise.

Mechanical Engineers: to work with our OEM customers to ensure the application of our products fits the specifications of a vehicle and manage tooling design and development.

Designers: to innovate new interior concepts that bring increased comfort, quiet and durability to the vehicle interior.

Textile Engineers: to develop the products and processes for the vehicles of the future.

NVH or Acoustic Engineers: to optimize the acoustic and thermal materials needed for the changing interior requirements of EV and Autonomous vehicles.

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